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Plan a Customized Retreat

Tres Mujeres specializes in wellness, detox, and spiritual retreats. We offer guests the opportunity to participate in general activities at the hotel, dependent on our schedule, or to create their own retreat experiences for themselves or groups.


Past Retreats

Our most popular retreats focus on yoga and surf. However, Tres Mujeres has worked with guests to host a number of other retreats in the past, such as:

Yoga Retreat

Daily yoga practice can take place by the sea, with the sounds of the surf around you and the feel of the breeze on your face. Tres Mujeres features the largest yoga deck in the area, which provides the perfect space for your practice.

We have hosted a number of yoga retreats, including daily practice, water yoga, teacher training, Pilates and dance, and private yoga.

Yoga retreats may sometimes incorporate spiritual meditation into the practice. If guests choose to meditate or to take a silent or spiritual retreat, our team will assist you in making sure that you find tranquility on the hotel premises. Tres Mujeres is small and very quiet, and the continual sound of the waves make a perfect setting for your spiritual meditation and reflection.

Surf Retreat

Troncones, Mexico is famous for amazing surfing spots, including La Saladita, Troncones Point, The Ranch, Nexpa, and La Boca.

Enjoy a comfortable, private room at Tres Mujeres, where we will ensure that you have access to these incredible surf locations by providing transportation. Numerous surf shops are within walking distance of our hotel, including Mexi-Cali Surf School, Bruce’s Surf Shop, and Tsunami Surf.

Past surf retreats have also included lessons, tours, and other packages, including yoga and surf combination retreats.