Searching for the best oceanfront wellness retreat in Mexico?


Tres Mujeres Boutique Hotel and Yoga Retreat in Troncones, Mexico offers all the comforts you require for your seaside detox wellness or spiritual retreat in paradise. Let us help you design the perfect wellness restorative retreat.


"One of the most spectacular settings for a wellness retreat in Mexico." 


Plan a customized wellness detox or spiritual retreat at Tres Mujeres Boutique Hotel:


Detox Cleansing Retreats with a Personalized Health Coach and Chef


Organic Spa Treatments

Surf Retreats with emphasis on diet

Yoga Retreats with emphasis on diet

Fasting Retreats

Spiritual Meditation Retreats

Detox Raw Food Cleanse Retreat:

We have highly trained professionals who can guide you through your detox cleanse. We can provide chefs who can prepare delicious organic raw foods and juices as part of your diet.

Spiritual Meditation Retreat:

If you choose to come to meditate, take a silent retreat or a spiritual retreat, we will assist you in making sure that you find the solace on the hotel premises that you need. The hotel is small and very quiet. The  continual sound of the waves drowns most noise so it makes a perfect setting for

a silent or spiritual retreat.