What about ATMs and Pesos?



There are quite a few banks and ATM machines in Zihuatanejo and Ixtapa. Besides ATM machines, there are walk-up windows downtown Zihuatanejo and Ixtapa that exchange dollars for pesos. Please check with your bank for details and fees associated. There is one ATM machine in Troncones but it can run out of pesos. So, it is best to bring pesos. For the latest conversion rate, click here: Currency Converter


Can I use my credit cards?


Most establishments in Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo accept credit cards. A few restaurants here on the beach in Troncones accept credit cards as well, however, only a few of the local stores take credit cards. It is highly recommended that you check with your credit card companies and notify them of your travel plans. Let them know you will be using your card out of the country and where. This can save you a blocked card and a big headache.

Is there a bar or restaurant on site at Tres Mujeres Boutique Hotel?


No, but there are a variety of  excellent restaurants and bars within a one minute walk from the hotel.



Enjoy our beautiful outdoor kitchen.


We have two refridgerators, a stove, a fully stocked kitchen, an outdoor grill and a pizza oven for to enjoy. You can purchase groceries,  fresh vegetables, fresh fish, liquor, in Troncones. For specialty items, such as beef or higher end cheeses, etc, you can buy these at one of the large supermarkets in Zihuatanejo (don’t forget to make a trip to the central mercado in Zihau for an excellent assortment of freshly caught fish). Basics like milk, juice, alcohol, eggs, and produce can be purchased at the markets in town and from the fish, fruit and veggie trucks daily. If you would like all or part of your stay catered by a private chef, we can recommend one.

List of reviews of local restaurants courtesy of TripAdvisor.com

Is Tres Mujeres Boutique Hotel a pet friendly hotel?

Yes. Well behaved and well socialized pets are welcome – we have 2 dachshunds of our own! Troncones, like most of Mexico, has a large population of dogs that wander freely through the town and on the beach. For the safety of your pets and the tranquility of our guests, we ask only that you keep your pet well supervised at all times.

What should I pack?

Bring casual warm weather clothes, shorts, flip-flops, swimsuit, sunglasses, hats, shoes that you can wear in the ocean and sunscreen. Occasionally the evenings can be cool and a long sleeved shirt is perfect. Personal hygiene items, medications, and any personal entertainment you might desire (computers, books, music, etc). We do carry a large selection of DVD’s, in both English and Spanish, as well as many “loaner” books.

Do I need my Passport?

Yes, don’t leave home without it! One thing we might suggest is to scan your important documents, such as your passport and state drivers license, and send them to yourself by email, so that if by chance you lose them, you can always retrieve them from your email. We do have a printer onsite.

How to get to Tres Mujeres Boutique Hotel Troncones?

The closest airport is Zihuatanejo/Ixtapa International Airport. Airport code: ZIH.
It is about a 20 minute drive from the airport to Troncones. Taxi drivers are familiar with Troncones and will know the way. One way from the airport  is about $60 dollars. You can also rent a car, with rates ranging from $50-$100+ a day. You may be able to negotiate a better rate. Most major car rental agencies are available.
*We can arrange an airport pick up and drop off.

If you are traveling by luxury bus from within Mexico to Troncones, the closest stop is Ixtapa, however from Ixtapa there is no local bus to Troncones, so your only option would be a taxi for approximately 4oo pesos. If you want to travel by bus all the way, then go to Zihuatanejo. Once in Zihua, take the 20 peso bus called ‘La Union’ in front of Coppel, diagonally across the street from the ‘Central de Autobus’ (main luxury bus station) and tell the driver you are going to Troncones. It will let you off on the corner of the main road from the highway through the jungle into Troncones. Usually during daylight hours a 9 peso combi makes relays from the bus stop to town every half hour or so.

Troncones is San Miguel’s closest beach destination. From San Miguel de Allende, you can get here by:

  • car : via Morelia (approx 6-7 hour drive)

  • Luxury bus : Primera Plus overnight bus from Celaya, or during the day Primera Plus bus to Morelia, changing to Parhikuni bus for the second leg of the journey from Morelia to Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo.

  • Bajio-go shuttle service : Check with them for hours/availability


What is there to do in Troncones?

Relaxing is easy at Troncones, where you decide how much or how little you choose to do in these tranquil surroundings. Our pristine beach offers surfing, boogie boarding and swimming as well walks on the beach especially beautiful at sunset.  Our pueblo (village) has local restaurants, a few discos and a yoga retreat offering classes. Guides can be hired for local hikes and horses are available for beach rides. Up and down our coast you will find world class surfing spots. Zihuatanejo and Ixtapa are a taxi ride away for a larger town experience but our guess is once you are here you will not want to leave. Check out our Activities page for more information.

Where can I rent surfboards and/or take surfing lessons?


Mexi-Cali Surf School
Beto Perez-Yañes
Phone: 755 101 3904


Bruce’s Surf Shop
Bruce Grimes
Phone: 755 103 0180


Tsunami Surf
Phone: 755-558-3821

All three  surf shops are easy walking distance from Tres Mujeres Boutique Hotel.


Are there basic services in Troncones?

Yes! In Troncones there are a few small shops with all the necessities including: several tiendas (small grocery stores), a hardware store, liquor store and laundromat.
The fish, produce and water trucks come by a few times a week. Just let us know what you want and we can assist.


Medical Clinic:

Troncones also has a small medical clinic offering  basic medical services and medications to the locals and tourists alike. More extensive medical care is available in nearby Zihuatanejo.

When and what are the holidays in Mexico / US / Canada?

Here is a great website to where you can choose the year and the type of holiday. The resort tends to be filled on all three day weekends, so we suggest making your reservations early.


Can I do laundry?

Yes there are laundry services in Troncones. Ask our staff for directions.


Can I use my cell phone?

We strongly suggest checking with your provider for a plan suitable for your needs if you will be traveling out of your service area. Most cell phones will work, however, your provider may charge a high fee for use if you are out of your provided coverage area.

How do I call Mexico from the U.S. or vice versa ?

  • Calling a Mexican landline from the U.S. :011 + 52 (the mexican country code) + 3 digit area code + 7 digit phone number

  • Calling a Mexican cell phone from the U.S. :011 + 52 (the mexican country code) + 1 + 3 digit area code + 7 digit phone number

  • Calling THE U.S. from Mexico :001 + 3 digit area code + 7 digit telephone number


Can you drink the water?

Most restaurants in Zihuatanejo and Troncones use purified water and ice so is generally ‘safe’ to drink, however, we do not recommend that you drink the tap water. We provide free purified water, and additional bottled water is available to purchase from us or in town. While you’re here be sure to try some coconut water to re-hydrate fresh from a tree within it’s natural husk! Or make a coco-loco by dropping a few ice cubes in and a splash of your favorite clear alcohol!


Do I have to know how to speak Spanish?

No, most establishments have bi-lingual staff on hand to assist. The locals here are very helpful and enjoy teaching, so don’t be afraid to give your Spanish a try. For a few important Mexican phrases courtesy of TripAdvisor.com click on the link here:

Important Mexican Phrases

Why are the Summer and Fall months considered Low Season, and therefore the least expensive time to come?

Many people have a misconception about what the rainy/low season means, thinking it will be too hot, humid and… rainy. In most places of the world during the Summer/Fall months it is quite hot with afternoon/evening thunderstorms, and we are no exception; our storms are a sight to behold! However when one has a swimming pool, ocean breezes, outdoor shower and state of the art air-conditioning, it is pure bliss. Actually it’s the prettiest time of the year when our seasonal jungle turns a vivid green and hums with life, the sun is shining as giant butterflies float by, and fireflies fill the night sky. 

Please contact us if you have any unanswered questions or tips to add.

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